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How to Apply

Step One - Search Job Openings
Step Two - Apply for Job
  • For Jobs in the Spotlight:
    Follow the directions as indicated. Typically, you will be asked to submit a resume or visit one of our Employment Offices to complete an application.
  • For Support, Technical, or Professional Jobs:
    You will apply using our on-line application management system.  Please allow at least 30 minutes to complete the application.

    ( 1 ) Click on the link corresponding to the job for which you would like to apply.

    ( 2 ) Read the job announcement thoroughly.  Make sure that you meet the minimum requirements stated in the announcement.  If you do, click the APPLY button at the bottom of the screen.

    ( 3 ) Log-in or Register.
    If you are a current LAUSD employee,
    from the Log-in Page, enter your single sign-on User ID and Password, the same User ID and Password you use for your email.

    If you are a first time user of this system and not a current employee with us, click on the REGISTER link; fill out the required information and click REGISTER.  When you register, you MUST ENTER YOUR OWN social security number.  Using a social security number other than your own is considered fraud and is against the law.

    If you are a returning user of this system but not a current LAUSD employee, from the Log-in Page, enter your User ID and Password.

    If you have been laid off from the District and would like to apply for a job, you may need to call our help desk at (213) 241-3455 and ask for your account to be reset.

    ( 4 ) Complete each tab of the application.  (Please note - In some cases, the job announcement directs candidates to upload a resume and cover letter only.)

    Enter ALL information requested on EACH of the tabs; incomplete applications will be disqualified.  The application wizard contains multiple tabs beyond those on the initial screen—be sure to enter required information on all tabs.

    As part of the application process, most job opportunities require you to respond to job-specific questions contained in a questionnaire(s).  You can complete questionnaires by clicking on the corresponding tab.  You will not be able to submit your application until you have completed the questionnaire(s).

    As you complete your application, be sure to indicate your job preferences on the DESIRED EMPLOYMENT screen.  It is essential that you include this information for the specific job classification for which you applied (the job class and job family will be noted on the job bulletin).  Without this information, we cannot appropriately place you in a position if a job offer is made.

    ( 5 ) Submit Application.  Verify the accuracy of the information you have entered in the application, INCLUDING YOUR ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBERS, by clicking the VIEW/PRINT MY CANDIDATE PROFILE tab. LAUSD employees—click here to view instructions on "How to Change Your Address" .

    You are encouraged to save or print your completed application overview for future reference.

    To submit your application, click on the SUBMIT APPLICATION button on the bottom of the Instructions Screen or the Submit Application Tab on the Application Wizard.

    Once submitted, the system will display a message letting you know that your application was sent successfully, and you should receive a confirmation email at the email address listed on your account.

    Having Trouble Applying?  As we are unable to accept resumes or any other form of application for most positions, we urge you to contact us DIRECTLY at (213) 241-3455 so that we may assist you.


Step Three - Acknowledge Receipt of Application
  • You will receive an email from us acknowledging that we have received your application.
  • If you do not receive an email, check to be sure it is not in a spam folder.  Also check that your application status is “in process” (you will need to log into our application system to check your status). If it is not, it is most likely still in draft status, and was not submitted - you will need to submit your application.
Step Four - Employment Assessment Process

Once we have received your application, you will be invited to participate in an employment assessment process, during which we will assess the extent of your job preparation and skills as they relate to the requirements of the job for which you have applied.  We will also compare your background and skill set with those of the other candidates who have applied for the same job opportunity.  As part of the assessment process, we will review your application packet to ensure that you meet the minimum requirements for the job.

  • Typically, the employment assessment process will include one or more of the following:

    A Scored Questionnaire:  As part of the application packet, candidates may be asked to complete a questionnaire containing questions about their job related background and skills.  The questionnaire is automatically scored based on point values that were derived from an analysis of the job.

    An Evaluation of Training and Experience (T&E): A T&E is a scored evaluation of candidates’ application packets (which may include a completed application, a resume, responses to specific questions, etc.).  Experts who are familiar with the target job make the evaluations.

    On-Line Skills Assessment: The On-Line Skills Assessment is often the first test part in the selection process, and is used to assess how prepared candidates are to assume the responsibilities and duties of a particular job.  The assessment typically consists of a number of multiple-choice questions with several possible responses.  The candidates are to choose the correct response to the question.

    The skills assessment is designed to assess candidates’ knowledge of specific areas that are considered important to a particular type of job (e.g., knowledge of the industry, candidates' general cognitive abilities, or candidates' skills in responding to job-related circumstances).

    An Interview: Interviews may consist of technical question (to assess candidates’ knowledge in a technical area); situational questions (to determine how candidates would handle job-related scenarios); behavioral questions (to determine how candidates have responded to job-related situations in the past); role play questions (these questions require candidates to respond as though they were already in the target job); questions requiring candidates to respond with a presentation (to assess candidates’ oral communication and presentation skills); and finally, general questions (to elicit information about general traits that are critical to strong job performance).

    A Performance Test: In a performance test, a real work situation is replicated to test candidates’ abilities and skills in performing critical and frequently performed job duties.

    A Reference Check: Reference checks are often used to verify employment, education, and achievement records provided by candidates on their resumes, applications, or in an interview.
Step Five - Employment Eligibility List

Once the assessment process has been completed, a list of candidates who were successful in the assessment process will be compiled.  In most cases, the names of the candidates will be ranked on the list based on the assessment score they achieved.  Generally, the candidates who have achieved the top three scores (ranks) will be considered first (although desired work location and work hours may be considered as well).  As job vacancies arise, candidates further down on the list will become eligible to be considered for employment.


Applying For Jobs
How do I know which jobs I can apply for?

Open jobs will be listed on our website. Visit us at, click on "Apply Now", and choose the category of jobs in which you are interested. You will see a list of current job opportunities as well as instructions on how to apply. You can access the on-line application system from there.

Do I have to apply on-line to be considered for employment?

For most jobs, you will need to apply on-line. In order to determine the application process, check the application instructions for the job in which you are interested.

How do I access the on-line application system?

You can access the system from the “View Jobs and Apply ” link by choosing a job for which you wish to apply and then following the directions. You can also access the application system from the “Log-in” link.

Do I need to register in order to access the application system?

If this is the first time that you will be using the system, and you are not currently an LAUSD employee, you will need to register. The system will prompt you to respond to several questions in order for you to register.

Do I have to fill in every tab of the application when I apply?

It's in your best interest to be complete when filling out your application, and when responding to questionnaires which are included as part of the application process. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Fields in the application and questionnaires that have an asterisk next to them indicate information that must be provided; if you leave them blank, you will not be able to submit your application.

The job announcement for the position that I am interested in indicates that I should submit a resume and cover letter. Do I still need to complete the entire application as well?

When the job announcement requires candidates to submit a resume (and cover letter) only, you do not have to complete the rest of the application. Find the “Attachments” tab and upload your resume (and cover letter) as indicated.

Can I interrupt my application and then continue at a later time?

Yes you may, just be sure to save your data before exiting the system. The system will consider your application to be in “draft” status; once you complete and submit your application, the status will change to “in process”.

How do I retrieve an application that is in draft status so that I can continue with the application process?

You can find the job listing by clicking on the “View Jobs and Apply” link, clicking on the job title, and choosing the “Apply” button on the bottom of the screen. You will be guided back to your application so that you can complete it. Or, you can click on the “Log-in” link and choose the “My Applications” link.

Once I submit my application, how do I know that my application was received?

You will be notified of the receipt of your submission by email. If you did not receive an email, it is likely that your application is still in draft status. Check your status by clicking on the “Log-in” link and choosing the “My Applications” link.

Can I apply for more than one job at a time?

Yes, you can apply for more than one job.

Can I change information in my application once I have submitted it?

No, once you submit your application, you cannot change the information. However, if the job is still posted, you can withdraw your application and re-apply. To withdraw your application, click on the “Log-in” link and choose the “My Applications” link. Locate the application you want to withdraw. Select the icon next to the job posting you wish to withdraw and choose the delete button. You can then re-apply for the position.

I know LAUSD covers many square miles, but what if I am only able to work in certain parts of the District? How can I indicate where I am willing to work?

As part of your application, you can indicate your work location preferences using the “Desired Employment” tab.

I only want to work on a part time basis. How can I indicate my work preferences?

As part of the application, you can indicate your work preferences using the “Desired Employment” tab.

How often can I reapply for the same position?

Typically, you may only apply once for a job opportunity. However, for some hard to fill vacancies, we accept applications on an on-going basis. In those cases, you may re-apply after a certain amount of time has passed since you first applied and participated in the employment assessment process. For these job opportunities, the job announcement will indicate the time period you must wait before re-applying.

What if I don’t see a job that I am interested in?

We post job opportunities as they become available. If you do not see a job you are interested in, you may sign-up to be notified of upcoming opportunities by accessing our job alert system. Additionally, our career website is updated on a daily basis, so check back regularly for new postings.

How can I monitor the status of my application(s)?

You can monitor the status of your applications by clicking on “Status of My Applications” from your candidate start page. The candidate start page can be accessed from the “Log-in” link.

Once I have been placed on an employment eligibility list, how can I monitor my ranking on the list?

You can monitor your rank on the list by clicking on “My Current Eligibility Information” from your candidate start page. The candidate start page can be accessed from the “Log-in” link.

Candidate Profile
What is the difference between a candidate profile and an application?

Your Candidate Profile is your on-line resume, which is maintained in the system on an on-going basis. Your profile is not associated with a specific job opportunity. An application is created when you specify an interest in (apply for) a specific job opening. You must apply for a job in order to be considered for employment with LAUSD.

Why should I release my candidate profile?

Releasing your profile allows recruiters to find your profile during a candidate search, and potentially match your skills and qualifications with upcoming job vacancies. You can lock your profile again at any time.

What is a “candidate profile”?

Your candidate profile is your on-line resume, which contains all of your background information such as your job history; educational history; employment preferences; etc. You can create and maintain your profile without actually applying for a specific position. You only have to create your profile once and it stays in our system indefinitely. Once you create your profile, the information will automatically populate each application that you complete from that point forward, reducing the time it takes to complete an application.

How do I change the information in my candidate profile?

To change information stored in your profile, including your contact information, log into the application system. Changes can be made by clicking the “Create/Edit My Candidate Profile" link or may be made as you create a new application. Once you make and save your changes, your profile will be updated immediately. Note: for jobs that have a specific application deadline, we will only consider changes that you make to your profile up to the date that you submitted your application for the specific job.

Why does the system show that my profile is locked and does that mean no one can see my profile?

The profile shows as locked if you do not “release the profile”. In order to release your profile, click on “Create/Edit My Candidate Profile" and click on the “Profile Release” tab. You can release your profile from there. When your profile is locked, recruiters can only view your profile as part of the applications that you have submitted. If you release your profile, recruiters can view your profile as they search to find qualified candidates for our job opportunities.

How do I create a candidate profile?

You can create your profile by clicking on the “Create/Edit My Candidate Profile" link from the Candidate Start Page (you will need to log into the application system), or you can complete your profile as part of the first application that you submit for a specific job. Once you create your profile, the information will automatically populate each application that you complete from that point forward.

Issues & System Errors
When I try to register, I get the message “this SSN already exists, please re-enter”. What do I do?

There are several possible reasons for this message. Either you have already registered with us using this SSN in the past, you worked for us in the past so the system recognizes your SSN, or you applied using a paper application and we recorded your data electronically. To resolve the problem, please call our help-desk at 213/241-3455 and a representative will reset your account.

What password do I use if I have never used this system before?

If you are an LAUSD employee, you will use your single sign-on password. If you are not an employee with LAUSD, you will need to register in the application system and create a new password for yourself.

When I try to register, I get the message, “this email address is already reserved, specify a different one." What do I do?

Most likely you have applied with us in the past. To resolve the problem, access the Log-in screen, click on "Password Forgotten" and apply for a new password using your e-mail address. There is no need to enter a user name at this point. If you don’t know the email address that you used, call our help desk at 213/241-3455.

I’ve forgotten my login password. How can I access my data again?

Click "Password Forgotten" on the Log-in screen and enter your user name or the e-mail address you submitted when you registered. You will be sent a new temporary password. You can change this password the next time you log into the system if you wish.

I am an LAUSD employee but don’t think I have a single sign-on password. What do I have to do?

All LAUSD employees have a single sign-on and email account. Contact LAUSD's Information Technology Division to determine your single sign-on.

What if I am not an LAUSD employee and I don’t have an email address, how can I register in the application system?

For most of our positions, we require candidates to register electronically and provide an email address so we can communicate with them. If you do not have an email address, there are many sources for free e-mail accounts. Use a search engine to locate these services.

What if my email address changes after I register?

Log into the system and update your candidate profile by entering the new email address on the communication data screen.  Please note:  This ability is only available to non-LAUSD employees.  Changes to LAUSD email accounts must be done through the Information Technology Division.

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Reasonable accommodations in completing an application and testing
are available to individuals with disabilities.

Please call (213) 241-3455 for more information
 or contact Sonia Martin at