Scored Questionnaire

What is a scored questionnaire?
As part of the application packet, candidates may be asked to complete a questionnaire containing questions about their job related background and skills.  The questionnaire responses are automatically scored based on point values that were derived from an analysis of the job.  The scored questionnaire is not used to determine whether the candidate meets the minimum requirements; rather, it is one method for determining those candidates who are the most qualified among those who have applied for the job.

What should you do when preparing your questionnaire?

  • Carefully read the job announcement.  Be sure that you meet the minimum requirements of the job, and carefully review the job duties and the characteristics of the "Ideal Candidate".  Make sure that this job is a good fit for you and that you meet/exceed the job requirements we have indicated.
  • Respond to each question truthfully and accurately.  Please remember that anyone who misrepresents their qualifications will be disqualified from the selection process, and may be prohibited from applying for future job opportunities.
  • When describing background, experience, and skills, be specific, clear, and accurate on the recentness, relevancy, level, complexity, scope, quantity, quality, depth, and breadth of your education and experience.  

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