Resume/Application Screening (Evaluation of Training and Experience)

What is an application screening?
An application screening or evaluation of training and experience is a scored evaluation of a candidate’s application packet (which may include a completed application, a resume, responses to specific questions, etc.).  Experts who are familiar with the target job make the evaluations.

What should you do when preparing your applicant packet?

  • Carefully read the job announcement.  Be sure that you meet the minimum requirements of the job, and carefully review the job duties and the characteristics of the "Ideal Candidate".  Make sure that this job is a good fit for you and that you meet/exceed the job requirements we have indicated.
  • Starting with the most recent, list all your relevant experience in your applicant profile, including the job titles(s) and employer(s).
  • Make an organized listing of your experience in the space provided.  Be sure to address all responsibilities that are applicable to the job you are seeking.  Include and elaborate on your relevant experience; remember that elaborating on irrelevant experience may only obscure your strengths.
  • Be specific, clear, and accurate on the recentness, relevancy, level, complexity, scope, quantity, quality, depth, and breadth of your education and experience.
  • Be sure you are accurate in your representation of your background and preparation.  Please remember that anyone who misrepresents their qualifications will be disqualified from the selection process and may be prohibited from applying for future job opportunities.
  • Think of your application material as your first work product for the job.  Make sure the material is neat, organized, and easy to understand.
  • Go over your application profile and questionnaire before you submit it to be sure you have included everything asked for.