Legal Services

The Office of the General Counsel provides first class legal service to the teachers, supervisors, and administrators who support the District’s 600,000 plus students.  This office is comprised of specialized teams, including the Education Legal Services Team, which is dedicated to providing focused and expert legal advice to school sites, local district offices, and District divisions and units that are directly involved with schools.  The Labor & Employment Services Team provides legal advice and recommendations regarding the District’s employment and labor practices, with the overall goal of creating a work environment for all District employees that is in compliance with the law, collective bargaining agreements, internal policies, and Board and Personnel Commission rules.  The Facilities Services Team offers legal support in all aspects of the work connected with the identification, evaluation, and acquisition of real property; the development and construction of new facilities; the maintenance and management of existing assets; as well as the administration of a $20 billion dollar New Construction and Modernization Program to develop, build, and upgrade LAUSD schools.  The Business and Government Team offers legal advice and representation regarding legal issues and disputes that confront our clients who are responsible for the efficient operation and governance of our schools.

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