Human Resources

With over 65,000 employees, including both instructional and non-instructional staff, our Human Resources function is critical to our success. Our HR teams support the District by identifying, recruiting, hiring, and developing a talented workforce that directly contributes to excellence in the business of education.

The Personnel Commission is an autonomous department that provides human resources services for the Classified (Non-Instructional) employees of LAUSD.  One central function of the Commission is to ensure that classified employees are selected for employment and promotion on the basis of their job-related skills and preparation. The Personnel Commission also provides staff development/training services to classified employees to ensure the efficiency of the classified service, and acts as an impartial body to adjudicate employee appeals of personnel actions.

Our Human Resources Department provides a full range of human resources services for the Certificated (Instructional) staff of LAUSD, including Teachers and Administrators working for our K-12, Adult Education, and Early Childhood Education Divisions.


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