High School Diploma or GED

Individuals interested in becoming a paraeducator for LAUSD must possess a high school diploma from an accredited school, passed the GED, or passed the California High School Profciency Exam (CHSPE).

Please note: The LAUSD Personnel Commission does not accept high school diplomas from the schools listed below. The organizations listed below do not meet the standard of equivalency to a recognized high school  due to lack of accreditation from one of the six regional accrediting agencies or their affiliates, curriculum descriptions, and/or unclear assessment standards and rigor. The following is a non-lausd partial list and subject to change

  • Balboa High School
  • Belmont College Preparatory School
  • California Alternative High School
  • California Technical High School
  • Century High School, Los Angeles
  • Community Harvest Charter School
  • Parkridge Private School
  • Victory High School