Facilities Services

The Facilities Services Division provides services in the areas of new construction, maintenance of existing facilities and grounds, real estate management, and school utilization. The Division serves over 1,100 schools.

In the spotlight is LAUSD’s $20.1 billion dollar New Construction and Modernization Program, the largest school construction program in the nation’s history.  To date, the Facilities Services Division has built and opened over 100 new K-12 schools that have provided more than 91,000 new classroom seats.  The construction of 30 additional K-12 schools is underway to meet LAUSD's goal of providing all students a neighborhood school operating on a traditional two-semester calendar. Our new schools conform to a set of design principles which ensure our campuses are student and teacher friendly, are technologically up to date, are community friendly, and are energy efficient.

LAUSD’s Existing Facilities Team maintains, repairs, and modernizes our school facilities with quality, sustainable materials and workmanship, enabling our schools to provide a conducive environment for the development and training of our students.

Our Custodial Operations function is a critical part of our Facilities Services Division, and not only includes a large team of Building and Grounds Workers who clean our schools and offices, but also includes crews that provide Gardening Services to schools and offices, and a Pest Management Team that has adopted use of non-chemical methodologies as the first means of managing pests, using lower-risk chemicals when pesticides/herbicides are necessary.


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