Pre-Hire Processing

Before you can start your new job, you will need to be processed for employment. New Employee Processing is a personal appointment during which you will visit one of our Employment Offices to complete all of your new-employee documents and fingerprinting. Review the steps below for a description of the process.

Step 1 - T.B. Testing

Schedule TB Test/Receive Results

  • Before your processing appointment, you will need a Tuberculosis test.
  • You must schedule an appointment to take the Mantoux TB Skin Test. (Payment for testing will be at your expense.) The test results will be read 48—72 hours after the initial test. If the test reads positive, you MUST have a chest X-ray. Please note that you must provide documentation that your skin test read positive.
  • T.B. skin tests and chest x-rays must be taken and read within 60 days prior to your processing appointment. Make sure that you receive an original document  showing  the NEGATIVE TB results; you will need to submit the results at the processing appointment.

Step 2 - Schedule Processing Appointment

Schedule New Hire Processing Appointment

  • Before you can begin working, you will be scheduled for a new hire processing appointment.
  • Your appointment will be made either by someone in our Classified Employment Services Branch (if you were hired from an employment eligibility list) or by a school site administrator (if you are hired directly by a school site).
  • You will be asked to provide your identification and contact information including your SSN, home address, email address, and phone number.

Step 3 - Prepare for Processing Appointment

Prepare for the New Hire Processing Appointment

Prior to your appointment, please read the pre-hire documents listed below. You will be asked to confirm with a signature that you have read these documents at the time of your processing appointment:

Be sure to have all of the following documents ready for your processing appointment:

View a list of required identification: Please note that all documents must be current (unexpired). Also names appearing on documents must match exactly (first, middle, last, suffix – example: John Doe, Jr.).

TB RESULTS: All persons being processed MUST also bring Mantoux TB skin test results reading negative OR chest x-ray results reading negative if Mantoux TB is positive. If a chest x-ray is taken, the results must include the date the new hire originally took the TB skin test. ALL results MUST be dated and stamped or signed within 60 days by the new hire’s medical office.

Step 4 - Attending Processing Appointment

Attend Processing Appointment

  • At the appointment, you will submit all required documents; read and sign processing documents; and will be fingerprinted.
  • All processing documents are then forwarded to the Classified Employment Services Branch. Once the fingerprints have cleared, a member of our Classified Employment Services Branch will give you a date to begin in your new position; typically it takes 7—10 days to clear.