New Employee Checklist: First Six Months

Gain Clarity, Reflect, Move Ahead

As you continue to gain familiarity with your new department or work group as well as your new position, the logistical questions will fade away and most likely be replaced with more strategic questions. The steps below could be useful to ensure that you continue on the right track.

Gain clarity about your role.  Continue to ask for clarification of your roles, responsibilities and expectations as needed, and seek ongoing coaching and feedback from your supervisor.

Use the proper method for decision making.  Identify times when you need to get your supervisor's or manager's decision or approval and times, when you can make your own decision.  Additionally, identify the key stakeholders and what types of decisions affecting departmental programs or services need stakeholder input.

Follow up with your supervisor periodically.  Schedule weekly/monthly update meetings as needed. Also, be sure that your supervisor meets with you at the end of your probationary period to review your performance.

Reflect on your work.  Ask for a probationary review meeting with your immediate supervisor (at the six-month point) and ask for detailed feedback on your performance.  Determine if you are now considered a permanent LAUSD employee.  Ask your supervisor to discuss what you have done well in your first six months, and what you could have done differently; identifying opportunities moving forward will contribute to your future success.  Included in your goal setting should be any additional training beyond what was initially required that would contribute to your success or that of the department's.

Explore training opportunities.  LAUSD’s mission is to educate tomorrow's leaders, and that includes you! The Workforce Management Classified Training Branch provides training that assists employees in their professional and personal development.  Additionally, the District offers tuition reimbursement for employees.

Find Key Information:
Workforce Management Classified Training
Tuition Reimbursement

Good Idea: Print a downloadable copy of this checklist and keep it on file for your records.  We recommend that you place reminders in your Outlook Calendar throughout your first 12 months to review your own progress using this checklist and reminders to follow up with your immediate supervisor.  Be sure to check in with your supervisor periodically about your progress using this checklist.  Discuss any major changes to the duties assigned to you, expectations, or workplace policies.  We wish you all the best in your career with LAUSD!  Click here to download pdf version.