Celebrate Accomplishments and Focus on the Future

Congratulate your employee for hitting the one year mark in employment.  Together with your employee, reflect on her or his successes and contributions, and get ready for the time ahead!

Continue to provide detailed feedback to your employee on his/her performance and identify any areas that require further development or remediation.

Provide your employee with her or his annual performance evaluation which will assist the employee in putting the past year in perspective, guiding the employee in areas for improvement, and reinforcing the positive contributions tshe or he made at the school or department.  Additionally, it will ensure that she or he is clear about any future expectations required of them in their position.

Assign projects to your employee to allow for her or him to gain new skills.  Assign new projects that will be increasingly complex assignments that will require her or him to work independently and contribute new ideas.

Encourage your employee to explore professional development opportunities:

  • Professional Development Classes
  • Tuition reimbursement opportunities
  • Degree program
  • Supervisory certificate

Find Key Information:

Performance Evaluation – Permanent Classified Employees
Performance Evaluation – Permanent Classified Administrators
Classified Training Branch

Good Idea: Print a downloadable copy of this checklist. Click here to download a pdf version.