Review, Reflect, Move Ahead

Review the first six months to be sure the employee is fully engaged, seeing him or herself as a valued contributor.   Make sure that all necessary training is complete and continue providing regular informal feedback.  Also, begin making notes for the probationary review meeting with your employee.

A few more things to consider:

  • Ensure that the employee has completed the benefits enrollment process within 31 days of benefits eligibility date.
  • Continue to clarify roles, responsibilities, and expectations as needed and provide ongoing coaching and feedback.
  • Schedule weekly/monthly update meetings as needed.
  • Model the kinds of behaviors you would like to instill in your new employees.
  • Conduct a probationary review meeting with your employee (your first should be at the two-month mark) and provide detailed feedback to employees on his/her performance.  Identify any areas that require further development or remediation.
  • Encourage the employee to explore professional development classes through the Workforce Management Classified Training.

Find Key Information:
Preliminary Performance Evaluation Form
Workforce Management Classified Training
Tuition Reimbursement

Good Idea: Print a downloadable copy of this checklist. Click here to download a pdf version.