New Employee Checklist: First Year

Celebrate Accomplishments and Focus on the Future

Congratulations!  You've hit the one year mark in your employment, so take time to breathe deep, reflect on your successes and contributions, and get ready for the time ahead!

Request formal performance feedback.  The first step you should consider is asking your supervisor for a formal performance evaluation.  A performance evaluation will help you put the past year in perspective, guide you in areas for improvement, and reinforce the positive contributions you make to your school or department. Additionally, it will ensure that you are clear about any future expectations required of your position.

Identify projects to gain skills.  Ask your supervisor what you need to do to get to the next level.  Specifically, request increasingly complex assignments that will require you to work independently and possibly contribute new ideas.  These opportunities will help prepare you for possible career advancement.  Take responsibility for your career growth by taking initiative, implementing new ideas, or taking on more complex assignments.

Explore promotional opportunities.  As a relatively new employee, the final step to consider is career planning.  Discuss any opportunities for advancement within your school/department with your supervisor.  You may also research typical paths for promotion within the District overall.  Start planning your professional growth, set realistic goals, and map out a plan to achieve those goals.  We encourage you to periodically visit the Talent Acquisition and Selection Branch website to view current and upcoming job opportunities.

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Talent Acquisition and Selection - LAUSD

Good Idea: Print a downloadable copy of this checklist and keep it on file for your records.  We recommend that you place reminders in your Outlook Calendar throughout your first 12 months to review your own progress using this checklist and reminders to follow up with your immediate supervisor.  Be sure to check in with your supervisor periodically about your progress using this checklist.  Discuss any major changes to the duties assigned to you, expectations, or workplace policies.  We wish you all the best in your career with LAUSD!  Click here to download pdf version.