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The Personnel Commission is seeking a collaborative, adaptable leader with strong public sector experience, as well as a clear understanding of LAUSD’s mission, goals, and the Commission’s operational activities to lead LAUSD's Personnel Commission. This person must have a proven track record of building and maintaining healthy, productive relationships within a strong collective bargaining environment, preferably with a large school district, and should be well-versed in the laws, rules, and legal interpretations related to classified employment and employer/employee relations. This person must also skillfully balance the needs and perspectives of various stakeholders through re-engineering, collaboration, and fiscal responsibility.

The ideal candidate for this critical role has a very broad strategic perspective and superb communications skills that are needed to successfully navigate the very complex organizational landscape that is unique to LAUSD. This person must partner successfully with a wide variety of contacts, provide expert advice, and be a thought-leader within his/her areas of expertise, including comprehensive knowledge of all of the areas of HR.

To be considered for this exciting career opportunity with LAUSD, please email your resume and cover letter to the firm handling this process: annesandberg@predictsuccess.com



We are at the forefront of innovation in public schools, with the serious work of tailoring the learning environment to better serve our community. Here, you will have the opportunity to exercise your potential in the business of education.

We are technical professionals, skilled workers, support staff, executives, and community champions. We do our jobs with a sense of integrity, accountability, and pride in shaping the future.

Our contributions here impact our number one customers – the 600,000 plus K-12 students of LAUSD. With over 1,000 job titles to choose from, build your rewarding career here by joining nearly 30,000 employees, and achieve new levels of success in your career!

IMPORTANT NOTE: We have upgraded our application management system.  The upgraded system will provide new features that will make the application process easier to navigate.  Please note that all data that was in our original system, will be in the new system as well.  This means that if you applied in our system in the past, we will still have your information.

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